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We Hope You Enjoyed The Digital Pharma Advances Conference! Take At Our Pharma Conference Series…

The Pharma Social Media Conference – Book Before This Thursday To Save £100!

Create Real-World Commercial Impact By Targeting & Influencing Patients & HCPs With Engaging, Lucrative & Compliant Social Media Strategies In Pharma

Learn From Social Media Successes & Failures To Navigate Complex, Changing Regulatory Risks, Overcome Barriers To Business Buy-In, Manage Reputation & Demonstrate Real Results Within The Multi-Channel Mix
A One-Day, Pharma Brand-Led Conference, 28th June 2017, One America Square, London

Download The Brochure . Book Before This Thursday & Save £100.

New Case Studies & Practical Examples On Creating Engaging, Lucrative & Compliant Social Media Strategies Which Demonstrate Real-World Commercial Impact:

  1. Integrate Commercially-Successful Social Media Strategies In The Multi-Channel Mix: Engage HCPs and patients with impactful social media for greater levels of relevancy and real-world results
  2. Ensure Social Media Compliance & Win Buy-In From Legal Stakeholders: Navigate regulatory change and secure timely approval for social media activities from legal and regulatory teams
  3. Reach Out To Patients: Engage, connect and empower patients in the long term with relevant, targeted and compliant content
  4. Influence HCPs: Utilise HCP insight, habits and behaviours for tailored, impactful engagement strategies
  5. Measure Real-World Impact: Move beyond reporting to real measurement and evaluation
  6. Barriers To Business Buy-In For Social Media: Sway senior stakeholders and drive real business support to maximise social media’s potential
  7. What’s Next? Stay relevant and on-trend with hot new social media tools, technologies and innovations

Real Insight From 24 Pharmaceutical Brands Speaking On: Social Media Integration • Social Media Strategy • Platform Breakouts • Engaging Patients • Influencing HCPs • Compliant Social Success • Legal & Regulation Q&A • Impact & Value • Barriers To Buy-In • Therapy Area Breakouts • Trends & Innovations

PLUS! This Pharma Social Media Conference Also Features:

  • 24 Heads & Directors Of Communications, Marketing & Digital From Leading Pharmaceutical Brands Speaking From The Frontline
  • The ONLY UK One-Day Conference Led By Social Media Innovators Within Pharmaceutical Brands
  • 11 In-Depth Sessions Focused On Demonstrating Real Commercial Impact With Social Media  
  • Sister Event Of The Industry-Leading Digital Pharma Advances Conference
  • Focus On Practical, Real-Life Success Stories…And The Pitfalls To Avoid!
  • Tailor Your Day – Choose From: Therapy Area Breakouts & Social Platform Breakouts Covering Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
  • Informal Lunchtime Roundtable Discussions: A) Influence Marketing B) Driving Commercial Excellence Compliantly C) Engaging Nurses D) Low Budgets
  • 2 Interactive Panel Discussions: “Trends & Innovations” & “Legal & Regulatory Q&A”
  • 3 Double Perspectives: “Social Media Integration”, “Engaging Patients” & “Social Media Strategy”
  • 8 International Perspectives
  • 1 ‘Meet The Speakers’ Area
  • Facilitated Networking Hosts
  • Open Q&A

Book Before This Thursday To Save £100.

Can you help pharmaceutical brands improve their social media strategies? For more information on how to get involved, please email partner@pharmasocialconference.com or call +44(0)20 3479 2299.

Book your exhibition stand and two delegate passes before this Thursday for only £2,299 +VAT (Save £550). Book your stand here. Please note that we have a limited amount of exhibition space available and stands will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

A Must-Attend Event For Pharmaceutical Brands Striving To Boost Social Media Results, Compliantly!

To view the conference programme, please click here

The Pharma Commercial & Sales Conference – Future-Proofed, Customer Excellence

  1. Payer Relationships: How can you really add value to your payer relationships, fulfil customer needs and secure long-term, win-win partnerships?
  2. Changing Marketplace: What is the key to survival in a volatile pharmaceutical marketplace?
  3. Future-Proofed Commercial Strategies: What’s the real future of the salesforce? How can you evolve your SFE and KAM strategies to stay ahead of the game? Download The Brochure.

Real Insight From 16 Pharma Brands Speaking In 1 Day: NHS Partnerships • Key Account Management • Brexit • Customer Excellence • Changing Markets • Organisational Change • Leveraging Digital • Cost-Effective Procurement & Supply • Tendering, Pricing & Payers • Future Salesforce

The Pharma Commercial & Sales Conference – Future-Proofed, Customer Excellence on 16th May 2017, One America Square, London. Book your place here.

Future-Proofed, Customer-Centric & Profitable Pharma Commercial & Sales Strategies: Agile, Value-Adding Payer, HCP & Patient Relationships & Strong Collaborative Partnerships Which Drive Sustainable Growth & Salesforce Excellence In The Changing European & UK Pharmaceutical Environment:

  1. Insight-Led, Value-Adding Customer Excellence: Respond to changing patient needs, customer demands and fickle, price-driven purchasing decisions
  2. Post-Brexit & The Changing NHS & European Marketplace: Emerging commercial opportunities for relevant, profitable pharma sales strategies through volatile, uncertain markets
  3. The Salesforce Of The Future? Deliver what customers will want and safeguard your commercial performance with adaptable and upskilled reps and forward-thinking SFE
  4. Securing Long-Term, Win-Win NHS Partnerships: Creating enduring relationships by fulfilling payer, clinician and patient needs and influencing decision-making behaviours
  5. Strategic, Future-Proofed Key Account Management: Creative and commercial KAM which nurtures strong, collaborative relationships
  6. Enabling Organisational Change & Internal Collaboration: Remaining agile in evolving markets for improved business efficiencies, partnerships and patient experiences
  7. Capitalise On The Emergence Of Digital: Profitable and engaging strategies to harness online in your sales portfolio
  8. Optimising Procurement & Supply Chain Efficiencies: Innovating to support customers and pass on cost savings

PLUS! This Pharma Commercial & Sales Conference Also Features:

  • 16 Heads & Directors Of Commercial & Sales From Leading Pharmaceutical Brands Speaking From The Frontline
  • 10 In-Depth Sessions Tackle Your Greatest Commercial & Sales Excellence Challenges
  • Sister Event Of The Industry-Leading Digital Pharma Advances Conference
  • 5 Facilitated Peer-To-Peer Discussions: A) Medical Devices B) OTC-Retailer Relationships C) Supply Chain Efficiencies D) Procurement Hurdles E) Market Access Advice
  • 3 Interactive Q&A Panels On: ‘Customer Excellence’, ‘Brexit & Changing Pharma’ & ‘Salesforce Future Q&A’
  • NHS & European Healthcare Insights
  • International Trouble Shooting
  • 1 ‘Meet The Speakers’ Area
  • Facilitated Networking Hosts
  • Open Q&A
  • 1 Compact Day

Book your place here.


Can you help pharmaceutical commercial and sales professionals boost customer engagement and sustain profits? For more information on how to get involved, please email partner@pharmacommercialconference.com or call +44(0)20 3479 2299.

A Must-Attend Event For UK & European Pharmaceutical Commercial & Sales Professionals!

To view the conference programme, please click here

For more information on how to get involved in The Pharma Commercial & Sales Conference, please email info@pharmacommercialconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.