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Why Not Take A Look At Our Market-Leading Sister Events Below:

The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference - Drive Patient Centricity & Engagement With Meaningful Patient Involvement: Embed Patients At The Heart Of Decision Making With Actionable Strategies Which Inform Clinical Trial Design, Drug Development & Commercial Success With Early Patient Involvement, Patient Journey Insights, Meaningful Partnerships, Digital & Tech Innovations & Stakeholder Collaboration

A One-Day, Brand-Led, Conference & Networking Event, 9th September, Cavendish Conference Centre, London.

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The Pharma Social Media Conference - Drive Engagement, Value & Profits With Compliant & Impactful Pharma Social Media Strategies: Compelling, Compliant, Insight-Driven Customer Engagement Strategies For Patients, HCPs, Internal & External Stakeholders • Forward-Thinking, Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies & Energising Digital Technologies • Performance Benchmarking With Robust Measurement Strategies To Secure Internal Buy-In, Investment & Support.

A One-Day, Industry-Led, Conference & Networking Event, 30th June 2020, Copthorne Tara Hotel, Central London.