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Europe's Brand-Led Digital Pharma Advances Conference - Digital Strategies Delivering Real Results Is Back On 28th January 2021 & Is Set To Be Better Than Ever!

Exceed Customer Expectations & Deliver New-World Results With Accelerating Innovation For Customer-Centric Digital Pharma Strategies
Engage HCPs & Empower The Salesforce With Patient-Centric, Compliant Digital Strategies Driven By Strong Internal Cultures & Savvy Data Insights For Successful, Future-Facing Digital Pharma
A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 28th January 2021, One Great George Street, London

Speakers Confirmed So Far From Europe's Leading Pharmaceutical Brands, Include...

  1. Pfizer, MCC Lead & Digital Partnerships, Paulo Duarte
  2. Sanofi, Head Of Marketing, Jason Bonnett
  3. Novo Nordisk, Legal, Compliance & Quality Manager BA Europe East & South, Evi Mathiou
  4. Johnson & Johnson, Northern European Lead Professional & Prescription Marketing, Mhari Coxon
  5. Takeda, Senior Director, Head of Global Strategic Patient Services, Lu Zheng
  6. Gruenthal, SVP Global Head of Commercial Excellence & Customer Engagement, Florent Edouard
  7. Mylan, Head of Marketing UK, Enis Otuk
  8. Sanofi, Head of Multichannel Marketing for HCPs, Anastasiya Kolyasnikova
  9. Takeda, Head of Patient Advocacy & Communications - Oncology Business Unit - IBERIA, Cristian Perez   
  10. Novartis, Multichannel Lead, Paul Dixey
  11. Merck, Global Director Customer Experience, Helge Tennø
  12. Novartis, Head Of Digital, Philipp Klein
  13. MSD, CMO & Digital Strategy Lead Nordics & Baltics, Erasmus Holm
  14. Galderma, Head Multichannel MarketingGlobal Business Unit Rx, Marc Welz
  15. RB, Medical Marketing Excellence Director, Raymundo Delgado
  16. Mylan, Head of Global Brand Portfolio Optimization & Brand Management, Amalia Graf-Czikajlo
  17. Allergan, Associate Director of Marketing, Craig Galloway
  1. Digital Acceleration & Covid-19 Challenges: Success stories and lessons learnt as pharma leaps forwards into a digital future
  2. Exceptional HCP Engagement: New Challenges & Expectations: Perfect channel mix, comms and frequency to reach and engage professionals and drive results
  3. Put Patients At The Heart Of Your Strategy! Easy to use platforms, action-driven strategies and customer-centric comms that boost patient engagement and digital onboarding
  4. Create A Ready-For-Anything Salesforce: Translate the charm of face-to-face communication to drive results across digital platforms
  5. Drive Digital Innovation In Times Of Change: Business-critical innovation and tech adoption to strengthen digital possibilities and enhance engagement and reach
  6. Bring The Human Connection To Life Over The Screen: From HCPs to employees, get the best results from virtual engagement for your stakeholders
  7. Unlock The Complexity Of Compliance & Regulation: Harness inter-departmental collaboration for agile, compliant digital strategies
  8. Internal Cultures & Transformation: Grow you digitally-savvy workforce and create company-wide confidence as online becomes the new reality
  9. Get Smart With Your Data Strategies: Exploit platforms and tools to gain a deeper understanding of customers and drive impactful engagement across platforms
  10. Look Forward To 2021 & The Future Of Pharma: How has the face of pharma changed and what is necessary to be prepared?

This Is Your Unique Opportunity To Get Involved In Europe's Prestigious, One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event! 2020 Partners Included...

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