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Our Partners


BASE life science is an innovative and forward-thinking technology, product and service consultancy specialized in creating real business value from digital platforms and data. Our experienced teams optimize technology and business processes within Customer Engagement, Quality, Regulatory, Compliance and Clinical data management for companies within the life science industry.

BASE currently operates from our offices located in Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany from where we assist customers across the globe. Fueled by our dedicated teams’ hard work and efforts, BASE has been cemented as a reliable advisor in the life science industry, striving for continuous excellence to remain an entrusted partner that can bring our customers visions successfully to life.


When it comes to infectious diseases, timing is everything. BlueDot was one of the first organizations in the world to identify the COVID-19 outbreak, when it sent an alert to warn users of an outbreak of an undiagnosed respiratory syndrome in Wuhan, China on December 31st, 2019. In January 2020, BlueDot published the world’s first scientific paper on COVID-19, and using global flight and ticketing data, accurately predicted 8 of the first 10 cities to import the novel coronavirus.

BlueDot was founded in 2013 by Dr. Kamran Khan, a practicing infectious disease physician and Professor of Medicine with the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Toronto. BlueDot’s infectious disease intelligence provides pharmaceutical companies with a comprehensive source of truth about respiratory, vector-borne, and diarrheal diseases. This information can be used to:

  • Inform clinical trials to accelerate approvals of new products or existing products with new indications, and their delivery to markets
  • Empower sales and marketing teams to sell into areas of need based upon threat assessments and demand forecasts
  • Promote prescription products directly to healthcare providers and consumers



BRAIN STATION is your professional partner for Digital Marketing Solutions with the focus on Customer Experience, Innovative Marketing Communication, Data Management, technical Delivery and Support of Digital Solutions. Specifically, in regulated communication and compliance related marketing we continue to deliver solutions for worldwide leading companies in the Life Science and Financial Services Industries.

BRAIN STATION focuses on delivery of right solutions for your business needs, based on our talented people worldwide for digital marketing and operations while building strong partnerships with you as a customers.

We are able to deliver this service as a result of our passion - “Professionals at your Service”

BRAIN STATION claims -and has delivered - 100% of projects on-time with high quality, united with a competitive cost position. The local expertise with the strong Subject Matter Experts, Program Managers and Client Services combined with the most talented IT-Developers ensure the delivery of first-class solutions and services. The IT-Managers from our development centres bring extensive corporate background working on the local site at BRAIN STATION supported by local professionals in Europe.

We have strong partnerships with leading product providers in the MarTech space – Adobe, Salesforce, Veeva, Sitecore, Google, Amazon etc. Together with our partners and permanently trained and certified team we can deliver best solutions for your business challenges.

Our expertise in the regulated industries distinguishes us from others as we understand regulated markets in depth, developed specialised products and trained our team to deliver in compliance to the existing standards in these markets.



Mind+Matter's core business is healthcare marketing and communications. We are a purpose driven organisation and our business is better health.  Combining proprietary data, a proven behaviour change methodology and emotive, award-winning creative.

We work with a range of clients from big pharma, emerging pharma and biotech, animal health, consumer health and healthcare delivery.

Our omnichannel AI-powered data framework, Gravity, identifies the ideal customer to communicate with, predicts their behaviours and measures their actions. It delivers personalised omnichannel experiences using advanced analytics and data modelling.

Gravity is the central nervous system of our network. It creates linkages between all identifiers that are associated with an individual customer and uncovers patterns about them. It is constantly monitoring, modelling and learning a more detailed and reliable version of the truth. With each interaction mapped, insight observed, and layer of data added we can go deeper into healthcare experience like never before.

We use behavioural science to drive action alongside strategic omnichannel planning to ensure a relevant and opportune touchpoint with all our audiences.

In the last few years, we have won over 40 accolades from different industry and sector-specific award events for the strength of our specialist consultancy and campaigns in health.  We work with clients who share our passion for a big idea; an idea rooted in insights; an idea that’s bigger than any one channel; an idea with measurable impact.



At the heart of Wilmington Healthcare is a very thorough, detailed and granular understanding of the NHS, underpinned by our NHS data which gives us an ability to create go-to-market strategies for our clients at any level, in any segment.

Our consultancy-styled model helps our clients to navigate the NHS, both at a national and local level, and provides an understanding of the decision-making units that they need to engage. We then translate that information into a simplified approach to help them to access and engage with the correct audiences, in the correct way, to ensure they get their desired outcome.

To do this we use our four pillars: insight – strategy – execution – dialogue.

We use our unrivalled knowledge and expertise to help our clients understand their market, audience or therapy area. We support them to create a strategy to position their offering for maximum effect and execute this using a range of our customer engagement tools and go-to-market capabilities. Alongside this, we can use the respected channel and brand of HSJ, to initiate the dialogue needed to execute our clients’ go-to-market plan and ultimately achieve their objectives.

Our customer engagement and data analytical tools are available in a platform that can integrate with CRM systems to enable our clients to have all the intelligence and insight they need, plus the ongoing engagement with their sales teams or KAMs, in one place.

The key element that Wilmington Healthcare brings is breadth and depth of data and intelligence around the NHS. The insight we bring informs a much more effective and competitive GTM strategy that ultimately improves patient outcomes.