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Our Partners – Multi-Channel Day


Acquia is the open source digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. We enable organisations to build, host, analyse, and communicate with their customers at scale through websites and digital applications. As the trusted open source leader, we use adaptive intelligence to produce better business outcomes for CX leaders.


Axiom is an award-winning global scientific engagement partner.

We empower cross-functional teams to achieve and maintain their leadership in evolving competitive landscapes by providing unforgettable healthcare communications, medical training, and marketing solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Axiom is on the forefront of personalised medicine with in-house expertise in chronic diseases, rare diseases, and Oncology/Haematology. Our solutions are grounded in evidence-based medicine, clinician insights, and patient perspectives.



Graphite Digital has been supporting leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to create better digital products and experiences for over 10 years. We solve problems quickly and make positive changes for our clients & their customers. The services we offer have been designed to help enterprise brands deliver engaging human-centred experiences that make life easier for people and drive business objectives.

We focus on accelerating engagement with healthcare professionals and patients. Our team of user researchers, designers, product managers and strategic experts take a collaborative approach, and we work with pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, and healthcare companies like Vhi Healthcare to improve digital experiences and create design systems.

We excel at understanding the challenges that Global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies face from operating at scale and with very different needs for each market, whilst delivering a bespoke strategic digital approach as a solution. We help to make getting business done digitally easier for HCPs and Pharma professionals, by creating services that help teams spend less time on administration and more time on meaningful work.  Here is a selection of ways in which we can help:

  • UX Research for HCPs and Patients
  • Healthcare and Pharma Digital Customer Experience Design
  • HCP Website and Portal Design
  • Healthcare & Pharma Brand Site Design
  • Pharma Therapy Area Design
  • Customer Journey Mapping for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare & Pharma Design Systems
  • Medical, Legal & Regulatory Digital workshops
  • Digital Product Design and Product Management
  • Innovation Workshops

One of our Pharmaceutical clients describes us like this, "Graphite is a key partner for us. Their user focus, product insight, design thinking and creative capability complement our strategy perfectly, and together we will create more and more value for our customers and our business on a global scale."


iCrossing is a global marketing agency. Our aim is not just to be a digital agency for our clients but to truly be Growth Partners and develop a relationship where our businesses grow together.

Our story is unique; we were born a search agency, becoming full-service before being acquired by Hearst. Being part of the Hearst family creates a unique proposition; combining deep consumer insight, world-class content creation with digital marketing expertise.

Whilst our roots are in digital performance we’ve evolved with the changing landscape; whatever your objective, every campaign starts and ends with a consumer and we believe better performance is unlocked through consumer understanding.

We also pride ourselves on building long standing, successful partnerships with our clients, based around our flexible team of experts creating bespoke teams for our client’s needs. 


Human Insight from Social Data

Social media is the thread that wraps around all our health. It’s what we turn to at the first symptom. It’s what helps us understand our diagnosis. And it’s there to support us across the rest of the journey.

The conversations people have with each other on social are powerful. They’re a chance to observe rather than interfere. An opportunity to see people as they really are. How they feel, what they think and what they’re doing.

We turn this social data into human insights, creating powerful tools that bring you closer to the people that matter. We’ll help you understand what’s important to them, what’s going on in their lives and the world around them. We turn social data into insight, opportunity and action.

Telling a new story

The true value of social is simple. People don’t talk to researchers the way they talk to each other. Particularly about sensitive topics like their health, their emotions and their struggles. Social is the only way to observe what people think, feel and do – at scale.

The potential outcomes from this are profound. But they only come to light when you go beyond superficial analytics and delve deeper, to understand the personal experiences behind the numbers.

As an insight agency our job is to dive deeper, to go beyond the analytics and dashboards to hear the stories that lie beneath. We bring a deeper, more qualitative approach to creating insight from data.

We work with teams across organisations, to:

Corp synopsis picture

We’ve a strong heritage in partnering with pharma brands, health charities and socially conscious businesses to understand sensitive topics and build the right strategic and tactical response.

We’d love to discuss how we can help you benefit from it too.



Inspirational creativity is made possible by evidence-based insights. Pegasus bridge the gap between theory and the everyday lives of our audiences with our own planning framework, CHANGE. Created with the internationally-recognised Centre for Behaviour Change at UCL, CHANGE brings clarity to quantitative and qualitative data, digital and social analytics – all of which we can produce in-house. CHANGE informs all our strategic thinking, providing a jumping-off point for highly creative, measurable programmes.

With an ever-increasing focus on ROI, Pegasus continue to invest in measurement, analytics and evaluation to be able to demonstrate the behaviour change outcomes of our marketing & creative campaigns. Our evaluation matrix is already leading the industry and winning awards for its impact.

An agile and responsive work force is key for clients - specialist teams who can get to solutions quicker and more effectively, and who can flex up and down depending on client needs and requirements. That's why Pegasus operate a dynamic working policy and are creating workable and flexible employment models to be able to better reflect the business model our clients need.

We know that digital innovation is at the forefront of our clients minds - how to better utilise the data made available to us, and how to maximise the digital channels and platforms so we can reach our priority audiences in the most meaningful, targeted and engaging way. That's why we continue to increase our digital capability across the agency so we can support our clients as they harness the impact digital and data can have on their business.

Partnering with our clients is central to our philosophy as an agency. Pegasus pride ourselves on our client-centric thinking, ensuring that we approach a brief from all angles - not only what we believe to be the right strategic approach for the scope of work, but also that we consider the working dynamic framing our work together. We carefully balance the requirements of our clients with the needs of our team and business  partnerships work best when both parties are aligned on  mutual goals. We strive to be trusted advisors to our clients - not afraid to give strong counsel, but always done with our clients' best interests in mind. Ultimately, it's about delivering work that makes an impact, as a result of strong teamwork across client and agency personnel.



At the heart of Wilmington Healthcare is a very thorough, detailed and granular understanding of the NHS, underpinned by our NHS data which gives us an ability to create go-to-market strategies for our clients at any level, in any segment.

Our consultancy-styled model helps our clients to navigate the NHS, both at a national and local level, and provides an understanding of the decision-making units that they need to engage. We then translate that information into a simplified approach to help them to access and engage with the correct audiences, in the correct way, to ensure they get their desired outcome.

To do this we use our four pillars: insight – strategy – execution – dialogue.

We use our unrivalled knowledge and expertise to help our clients understand their market, audience or therapy area. We support them to create a strategy to position their offering for maximum effect and execute this using a range of our customer engagement tools and go-to-market capabilities. Alongside this, we can use the respected channel and brand of HSJ, to initiate the dialogue needed to execute our clients’ go-to-market plan and ultimately achieve their objectives.

Our customer engagement and data analytical tools are available in a platform that can integrate with CRM systems to enable our clients to have all the intelligence and insight they need, plus the ongoing engagement with their sales teams or KAMs, in one place.

The key element that Wilmington Healthcare brings is breadth and depth of data and intelligence around the NHS. The insight we bring informs a much more effective and competitive GTM strategy that ultimately improves patient outcomes.