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The Digital Pharma Advances Programme: 30th January 2018

Secure Buy-In & Transform Cultures For Next-Level, Customer-Centric Patient & HCP Experiences With Engaging, Results-Driven Multi-Channel Digital Pharma Marketing Strategies

Boost Measurable Business Performance Within A Regulatory Context With Value-Adding HCP Patient & Stakeholder Engagement & Sophisticated Multi-Channel Strategies Which Harness The Latest In Digital, New Technologies, Data & Social Media

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Introductory Code-Specific Networking Discussion Zones

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

Pelin İçil
Marketing Manager, Women's & Men’s Healthcare

DigPharma2018_bayer(pelin) 200

Saidat Amirkhanova
EMEA Digital Marketing Manager


09.15 Digital & Social Media Are Not New! What Is? How Can Pharma Professionals Adopt, Apply & Integrate New Technologies & Digital Opportunities To Meet Changing Patient & HCP Needs & Market Trends?

  • Dare to innovate! Delivering customer-centric digital innovation crafted around patient and HCP needs and internal capabilities for high-impact, high-performing campaigns and strategies
  • Looking at your channel choices, how can you determine what will deliver the best ROI or value added and what will integrate most easily?
  • From blue sky inspiration to the day-to-day reality, where can pharma organisations draw inspiration from and spot realistic opportunities for digital success?
  • Apps, HoloLens, connected tech, IoT, drones, VR, gamification, video – what are the possibilities in practice? What are the new trends we should be looking out for?
  • There is a lot of hype around AI - but is it just hype? How could AI actually work in your business and can it help anticipate customer needs?
  • With vague guidelines coming through about new and emerging technologies, how can we tread the right path and remain compliant in the context of your country’s regulatory code?

Sophie Park
Global Digital Health Initiatives & Digital Innovation

Adam Higgins
Senior Director, AstraZeneca Global Digital

Peter Veash
The Bio Agency
Peter Veash @ bio

Paul Middle
Global Partnering Director, Connected Insurance
RSA (Cross-Sector Perspective)

Anand Das
Regional Client Partner


09.40 Real-Word, Practical Insights Into Creating Integrated & Innovative Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Which Boosts Engagement & Sales

  • Less talk more action! From long-term roadmaps to quick wins, how can you sculpt the right approach for your organisation to go from individual to integrated channels?
  • What capabilities are required for the assimilation of new technologies into your existing system to get an edge on the competition?
  • Closing the loop isn’t a new idea but how can pharma companies realistically integrate back-end systems for a full view on customer activities and a trackable journey?
  • Traditional channels still work! How do you effectively combine tried-and-tested methods such as sales reps, conferences, print and fax into your digital mix?
  • How do you gather insights for an overview of campaign performance and attribute overall success?

Jose Luis Luna
Sr. Associated Director, Global Marketing - Speciality Care Business (Rare Diseases)
Boehringer Ingelheim


10.00 Drive Business Growth With Pragmatic Multi-Departmental Integration Strategies Which Foster Co-Operation, Collaboration & Commercial Success

  • Has anyone actually broken down silos and made it a successful project? What capabilities and strategies does it take to go from a single team and channel to co-operative, integrated and aligned multi-channel teams?
  • Encouraging wider teams across the business to buy into collaboration and adopt change for a new and effective standard way of working
  • Identifying and approaching the right people in your business to support growth
  • Just how does multi-channel integration work when spanning different markets?
  • Boost sales and stakeholder satisfaction with a united digital direction which enables more sophisticated customer insights and multi-channel campaigns


10.20 Case Study With Aktana

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Affecting Change, Influencing Internal Culture & Successfully Transforming Into A Digitally-Embedded & Customer-Centric Pharmaceutical Business

  • As digital matures, how can we really ensure complete adoption? How do you effectively sell your digital strategies internally, align people to new ways of working and increase digital uptake?
  • Not forgetting the human element of pharma: internal engagement strategies to reposition your organisation towards customer centricity
  • Once you have C-suite buy-in, funding and the green light, how can you maintain day-to-day momentum across teams? How do you make a development plan with sustainable practice which is ongoing, agile and actively builds trust?
  • What are the quick wins which will demonstrate the benefits and value of new ways of working and keep employees engaged during long-term change and transformation projects?
  • Monitoring the long-term impact and effectiveness of organisational transformation to identify areas for improvement and celebrate success

Frank Sielaff
Head of Digital Channels - Group Communications

DigPharma2018_merck(frank) 200

Axel Löber
Head of Corporate Branding & Strategic Communication Projects


11.25 Suffering From Digital Inertia? What Your Agency Should Be Telling You In 2018

Putting your customer at the heart of your digital strategy has never made more sense but it can be difficult to identify where you can make an impact on either a new or existing strategy.

In this presentation, Paul will run-through the key focus areas your agency should be helping you with in 2018, including:

  • How you can use data insight to understand the market and your competitors
  • Using data insight to inform your digital strategy
  • Easy methods for mapping your product launch cycle to your digital tactics

Paul Hill


11.40 Capitalise On Digital & Multi-Channel With Winning Propositions Which Guide Decision-Maker Perceptions, Secure Digital Investment & Achieve Stakeholder Buy-In

  • Reflecting on your internal and external stakeholder’s interests and the business or system limitations to compile relevant and realistic propositions with win-win outcomes
  • What encourages senior stakeholders to take on a project – what was it that tipped it over and convinced them?
  • When formulating business cases, how do you find the data and proof to action and initiate new digital capabilities?
  • Are legal and compliance teams willing to help build support in the face of risk-averse behaviour – if not, what can you do encourage collaboration?
  • Just how do you lead the field and drive innovation by inspiring confidence in a project and

Tina Cracknell
Digital Marketing Manager


12.05 Engaging Key Customer Segments Regularly, Efficiently & Compliantly Via Online Discussions

  • Learn about innovative communication solutions that leading organisations have standardised upon to optimise key stakeholder engagement
  • Understand how these solutions are delivering improved outcomes, expanding the breadth of engagement, delivering efficiencies and productivity gains, and driving cost savings
  • Discover relevant case studies across multiple markets, customer segments, and product lifecycles

Peter Gannon
SVP, Business Partner
Within 3

12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


A) Compliant, Consistent Social Media

Facilitated by:
Sarah Holiday
Social Media Strategy Lead EJANZ


B) Connected Devices

D) AI Applications

C) Engaging, Compliant Content

E) Leveraging Mobile

13.25 Co-Chair’s Afternoon Opening Remarks


13.35 Innovating Within The Regulatory Framework In A Compliant & Safe Way, Supported By Legal, Compliance, Ethics & Risk-Averse Decision Makers

  • What role can legal and compliance play in securing buy-in for new digital capabilities?
  • Best-practice advice for successful implementation of multi-channel, social media and digital within the framework of the codes
  • How risk averse are your internal teams? How can marketing or digital professionals work better alongside legal for a more collaborative, creative and agile future?
  • How does regulation work within a pan-European campaign?
  • Insights into the shaping or reshaping of regulation within pharma – how will this be set to change with new and existing technologies?
  • What should marketing professionals really know when it comes to data regulation and GDPR?


14.00 Digital Marketing Is Like A First Date

  • What is the current state of pharma digital marketing and where do we need to be?
  • What does your customer expect from an online experience and how can you provide it?
  • How can you judge the success of the relationship? Why metrics matter, and how can you determine the right ones?
  • Examples of digital success!

Andy Stafford
Commercial Director
Nitro Digital


14.15 Tap Into Patient Needs & Mindsets To Develop Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Establishing exactly who your patient audience is, what they need and what they expect from pharma to better anticipate and deliver valuable content and services
  • Thinking outside the box and going beyond the pill to generate
    authentic digital patient interaction and tailored communication strategies - compliantly
  • Reaching out to patients, patient programmes and advocacy
    groups to build engagement, sustain trust and explore opportunities for patient solutions
  • Aiding HCPs to deliver effective and supportive patient follow-up by providing HCPs with relevant insights and tools

Frederic Ohayon
Digital Multichannel & CRM Director


14.35 How Can Pharma Brands Leverage Digital & Technologies To Target, Influence & Engage HCPs In A Meaningful Way?

  • Explore sophisticated, insight-led HCP segmentation and targeting strategies to tailor content, comms and tone to behaviours, needs and treatment areas
  • What motivates HCPs to engage with pharma and how can we tap into moments in their busy schedules for greater commercial success?
  • What supportive or value-adding material can pharma provide to aid HCPs or increase co-operation from patients?
  • How can we tailor content which appeals to different HCP backgrounds for useful and informative content which inspires action?
  • What approaches are working? Assessing the most effective data and tools to track engagement and boost results!

Tim Cave
VP - Head Medical Affairs Strategic Planning & Digital Practices

Tinkara Pavlovcic Kapitanovic
Associate Director Digital Marketing, Worldwide Commercialisation
Bristol-Myers Squibb


15.10 Learn How You Can Use Metrics & Behavior Data To Shape Your Path To Digital Success. Get Best Practices On:

  • Establishing your digital strategy
  • Setting the right KPIs and metrics
  • Measuring success holistically: Introducing the Digital Certainty Index

Stéphanie Perez
Product Owner - Analytics


15.25 Refining Your Digital Customer Engagement Strategy For Compelling, Attention-Grabbing Campaigns With Insight-Led, Tailored Digital Communications & Value-Adding Propositions

  • Ensuring you are listening to what customers expect and need from pharma to build truly customer-centric solutions which match their requirements
  • From gamification to iPads to fax, what is the consensus on the most effective, convenient and appropriate channels for customers to encourage interactivity, provide information and offer support?
  • Opportunities to access and assess customer data and evaluate their online activity to deliver solutions which match their needs
  • Taking the extra step to achieve elevated customer engagement, build trust and awareness of supplementary services beyond the pill
  • Learning from other industries - what have they learnt the hard way and how can pharma adopt their strategies?

Iain Holloway-McLean
Director, Global HCP/EE Engagement, Global Medical

Maarten Van Essen
Customer Experience Design

DigPharma2018_takeda 200

Matthew Binns
Associate Director Strategy & Operations External Excellence Lead (Customer Experience)
Bristol-Myers Squibb

DigPharma2018_BMS(matthew) 200

Oliver Gassner
Global Innovation Manager Digital Health
Bayer Business Service

PLUS! Cross-Sector Perspectives From:

Keith Fletcher
Head of Customer Experience, End-To-End Journeys

DigPharma2018_eon 200

Anthony Scammell
Strategic Service Development Director
Old Mutual Wealth

Jenny Royle
Patient-Centricity Senior Program Leader - Digital Experimental Cancer Medicines Team 
Cancer Research UK

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Drinks Reception
Enjoy a glass of wine, relax and network with your peers!


16.20 Are You CPR Certified? Don’t Let Your Digital Transformation Die On The Table

  • Through Connectedness, Personalisation, and Readiness you will be challenged to consider how you think about customer experience and digital transformation
  • Understand that the key to avoiding a flat lining digital strategy is turning the knowledge you have and the tactics you’re already creating, into a journey that works for your customer
  • Using three examples, based on real-life application of outside-industry mastery of digital strategies, we will explore the untapped opportunities within pharma

Sari Carter
Digital Strategist
Anthill Agency A/S
Sari @ Anthill


16.45 Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making Within Pharma: Sophisticated Analytics For Targeted & Profitable Customer Strategies

  • Shaping a fit-for-purpose data system within the limits of data ownership and usage to extract tangible and value-adding insights in a compliant and ethical framework
  • How can pharma organisations leverage customer data for accurate and actionable insights into customer activity which enable data-driven decision making?
  • How can you realistically analyse customer data across multiple channels and data sources to gather an overview of the customer journey and experience?
  • Achieving meaningful customer segmentation with the integration of analytics and CRM to shape targeted and tailored communications
  • Let’s be proactive! Steps towards embracing predictive analytics and forecasting models to be adaptive to customer needs and boost sales


17.05 Demonstrate Digital Pharma Success With Robust Measurement Approaches Which Prove The Value Of Digital, Secure Continued Investment & Inform Future Strategies

  • We’re packing our programmes with digital investments, but what do they deliver? How can you measure the performance of your campaign, channel or brand and link this to the initial investment?
  • Planning the KPIs of your programme from day one: what would success look like? When it is impossible to determine direct quantifiable results, what can you do to determine the business benefits?
  • How can you benchmark the impact of your digital strategies to attribute success per channel, prove value and secure future investment?

Michael Baden
Marketing Manager Customer Engagement


17.25 Practical, Evidence-Based Communication Methodologies To Optimise The Use of Social Media Compliantly In Your Marketing Mix

  • Methods to achieving full social media implementation and integration in the context of code framework
  • Producing compliant content which achieves visitor activation on social media and managing this across multiple channels
  • Once you’ve attracted HCPs to social media, how best can you maintain their interest and encourage engagement?
  • What is the scope for interaction with patients on social media?  What would add value - compliantly?
  • How can you determine the efficiency of your social media strategy—what do ‘likes’ or shares mean to the business?

Dermot Giles
Director Marketing Special Projects - Europe & Australia
Grünenthal GmbH

17.45 Co-Chairs Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Digital Pharma Advances Conference or The Multi-Channel Excellence In Pharma Day, please email info@digitalpharmaconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.