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Digital Pharma Advances Programme Featuring 33 Pharma Brands Speaking: 30th January 2018

Optimise HCP-Focused, Patient-Centric Digital Strategies Compliantly With New Tech Trends, Innovative Social & Savvy Integrated Campaigns For Engaging, Customer-Centric, Multi-Channel Digital Pharma Marketing Strategies.

Monetise Data & Customer Insights, Transform Cultures, Embed Digital Innovation, Prove ROI, Empower The Sales-Force & Deliver Results – Get Inspired By Today’s Digital Disruptors & Innovators. A One-Day Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 30th January 2019, One Great George Street, London

08:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09:00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Bharat Tewarie, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, UCB


09:10 Integrate Your Digital Channels For Flawless 360° Digital Campaigns & Strategies Which Engage & Sell

  • Digital disruption without the chaos: achieve 360°, fully-integrated, multi-channel success, to engage your customer, drive company strategy and increase ROI
  • Are you making the most of your digital assets? Which are the hottest channels of the year and how can you optimise efficiency and investment?
  • Which channels work best for which audiences? Catch the attention of your HCP, patients or business partners in a way that fosters long-term interest and buy-in
  • Explore the possibilities in dynamic content, replicating content compliantly and with ease across channels and building a smooth, personalised customer journey
  • Measure success across your channels with accurate channel attribution, explore drop-offs and the platforms really driving results for your business

09:10 Perspective One:
Søren Smed Østergaard
Vice President, Head of Digital Health
Novo Nordisk

09:30 Traditional To Digital Channels & Digital Effectiveness
Igor Rudychev
Senior Director Business Insights
AstraZeneca USA

09:50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


10:20 Action Insights & Engage & Influence HCPs With Customer-Centric Strategies, Channels, Webinars, VR & Compelling Content For Long-Term Sales & Relationships

  • Leverage captivating content, messaging and marketing to influence HCPs in a way that benefits your business and adds value
  • Excel in exciting webinars, VR and industry events to engage and build business relationships between your brand, HCPs, GPs and digital opinion leaders for smart promotion
  • How can we best target and engage different groups within the HCP community? Are there tangible results in adjusting and personalising our channels and digital strategies in line with varying demographics and specialists?
  • How can we utilise our social communities and resources in a more lean and agile way to generate insights into engaging physicians?

Speaker To Be Announced. Please Check The Website For Updates.

10:40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking
Closed-Door Benchmarking Channel ROI Networking Coffee Discussion Point


11:10 Achieve That Winning Patient-Orientated, Value-Adding Digital Campaign & Patient Support Programme To Drive Brand Reputation & Engage Customers

  • With patient centricity sitting at the top of everyone’s priority list, how can you really achieve that patient-orientated digital campaign, enhance brand reputation, engage customers and win big in profits for the business
  • How can we get savvy and use patient apps for self-diagnosis, education and to build support systems and forums? How can we drive brand alliances to achieve that all important value- adding customer experience to drive retention?
  • What content really grabs patient attention and sells, compliantly?

Markus Kosch
Vice President Oncology
Pfizer Oncology


11:30 Patients & Doctor Engagement Thought-Leaders Discuss The Most Appealing & Engaging Strategies In Pharma Digital Marketing Today

  • What are the key distinctive features in digitally engaging HCPs and patients? What works best, which strategies deliver the highest ROI for each category of customer?
  • Hear from the patients and doctors themselves; what do HCPs look for, what do patients really want, and how can we build brand loyalty, confidence and customer retention?
  • What does your customer journey really look like? How can we maximise journeys to minimise drop-off?
  • What tech and tools can we implement to drive patient and HCP engagement in a way that benefits the customer and the business alike and is medically relevant?

Anand Das
Regional Client Partner
Pfizer UK

Pamela Bacon
Executive Director Medical Affairs

Alexandra-Mareike Mehner
Head of Global Marketing Communications BioMonitoring


12:15 The Power Of The People: Making Digital Transformation Happen

• Choosing to “go digital” is one thing but how do you increase the likelihood of a true digital transformation in your organisation?
• Investigate some of the key barriers to digital transformation and pick up some tips and insights from both inside and outside the industry on how to address these moving forward.
• Challenge yourselves to think about how you are working to address not just the creation of new digital tactics, but rather an organization-wide mindset change, and the upskilling of teams and individuals to deliver on new digital ambitions.

Sari Carter
Head of Marketing, Digital Strategist


12:15 Maximise Returns On Social Media, Draw Insights & Measure Effectively To Minimise The Risk Of Adverse Events For Lucrative Results

  • Build a successful engagement campaign and maximise returns on social media in a way that satisfi es compliance legalities and monitors risk
  • What social media activities really impact the bottom line? Demonstrate the business value of social to other areas of the business with these critical measurement techniques
  • How value-adding are apps? How can we exploit apps to transform our social media strategies?
  • Make the most of your paid advertising, direct marketing spend and influencer strategies
  • What learnings can we take from cross-sector companies to achieve social success and how can we translate these techniques to a heavily-regulated environment?

Speaker to be confirmed

12.35 Morning Round Up

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


Choose between joining an informal peer to peer discussion, or a troubleshooting clinic (on a first-come, first-served basis)

13.15 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions 

A) Targeted Digital Campaigns:

B) Digital Transformation


D) Apps & Mobile

E) Email


Join a troubleshooting clinic to discuss real-life examples and get an expert opinion.

1) Legal Clinic
Sara Gorza
Legal Business Partner

2) Patient Clinic

13:45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Radhika Raizada
Commercial Development Lead, Rare Diseases


14:00 Disruptors & Innovators; Blue Sky Thinking Panel

Join some of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies for top tips in consumer engagement and maximised sales. Join the experts to explore what we can expect for the future of Pharma in 2019 and beyond.

Dominic Demolder
Head of Business Design

14:25 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Partner Speaker. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


14:55 Quick-Fire, Hot New Technology Trends For 2019 & Beyond: The Sky’s The Limit – From AI To VR, Blockchain To Robotics, Automation To Machine Learning, Push The Boundaries For Long-Term Engagement & Financial Returns

  • Explore a world of possibilities in pushing the boundaries of engagement and financial returns, and discuss the real-world applications of these advances - don’t get left behind!
  • How can blockchain create easy wins in data transparency and success?
  • From ultimate marketing success to exciting new drug discoveries, how can AI facilitate your company strategy?
  • Smart tech: artificial intelligence engagement tools, virtual meetings, webinars and podcasts - jump into the forefront of medical technology innovation (on a reasonable budget!)
  • Explore AI and automation tools and technology for insights into the customer journey, build apps and mobile-friendly usage to stay in communication with HCPs and patients alike

Bharat Tewarie
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Maria de Freitas
Experienced Growth Hacking Manager
Leo Pharma Innovation Lab

Edith Lecomte
Norrant Innovation Technology Sciences Director
UCB Biopharm

Tim Cave
Former GSK VP Medical Affairs Strategic Planning & Digital Practices
CEO Sayso Medical

15:20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Drinks Reception & Networking

Enjoy a glass of wine and network with your peers.


15:50 Sophisticated, Data-Driven Customer Insights For Ultimate Consumer Analytics & Engagement, Brand Awareness & Profit

  • Implement big data in your CRM and digital strategies for streamlined processes, critical user insights and enhanced decision making
  • Revolutionary ways to employ data to make earlier diagnoses, and personalised medicine and treatment
  • How can we draw real-time data and action data insights in a meaningful way for marketing strategies and business success?
  • 8 months on, how have the general data protection regulations affected our strategies and campaigns? How are companies confidently avoiding adverse events and using GDPR to their advantage

Anish Shindore
VP Global Head Commercial Data Solutions


16:20 Make Compliance & Legal Work In Your Favour Whilst Playing By The Rules – Join Us To Interview The Industry’s Regulatory Leaders

  • How should we be interpreting the guidelines and applying the codes to disrupt digitally without wrecking the compliance framework?
  • How risk averse are your internal teams? How can digital marketing professionals work better alongside legal teams for a more collaborative, creative and agile future?
  • How can we achieve informative, engaging content across multiple channels in a way that satisfi es strict compliance and legislative requirements?
  • How will increased and changed data privacy regulations affect the way in which consumers are willing to engage with brands?

Aileen Thompson
Executive Director of Communications

Aleksej Daineko
Head of Regional Compliance
& Quality Assurance

Leo Pharma

Kim Smith
Compliance Manager UK and Ireland

Evgeny Tilezhinsky
Law & Compliance Lead for the
Central & Eastern Europe

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Sara Gorza
Legal Business Partner

Rob Masson
The DPO Centre



16:45 Implement Business Change Seamlessly & Transform Your Internal Teams To Embed Digital Innovation In Your Organisation

  • Manage internal change successfully, imbed new ideas and processes within an engaged and invested workforce, and ultimately reap the rewards in customer success
  • Transform your sales force for an immaculate customer experience; facilitate inter-departmental collaboration for better communication and digitally-educated marketeers and sales reps
  • Quick wins in making digital successes part of the everyday!

Samuel Driessen
Senior Director External Channels
Teva Pharmaceuticals


17:05 Uncover The Vital Metrics Of Your Digital Successes, Prove Channel ROI & Drive Increased Conversion

  • What tools, metrics and multi-channel attribution methods should we be using and which KPIs should we track to best prove channel value?
  • Explore conversions from your digital campaigns; which campaigns really drive click throughs and ultimately conversion?
  • What correlations can we draw between digital clicks, time on the website or consumer groups and actual sales; what robust methods can we use for measuring channel ROI? Which are the most valuable metrics to understand your consumer?
  • What are we really measuring? Does success have to be only monetary or can we also measure engagement levels to lay down the foundations for future wins

Renaud Semondade
Global Head of Insights & Analytics

17:25 Chair’s Closing Remarks

17:30 Official Close Of Conference